Thursday, 17 April 2014


face book groups ......

you may be in many groups belongs to categeory of entertainment,technology,study,collage,fan groups etc...

                   here in am giving an example which i experienced yesterday ......

RECENTLY i am added to the group of category entertainment having 30000+ people on it
i likes to post jokes and puzzles on it......
i usually enjoyed posting in it as i got a huge response for my posts in terms of likes and comments

i think getting more likes and comments for our posts surely boost us to post in many groups and pages

similarly its same with me too

finally i think of posting all my content in all groups where i am present

but it seems some difficult to post in all groups and i think of posting in all groups in a single click

and i start my invention for it on and presenting it in front of you .HOW TO POST IN ALL GROUPS IN A SINGLE CLICK as this is a good time saving trick

so follow our steps which makes you make to do more work in less time

follow the steps:

1)this trick works through email

2)first collect the address of the groups (email of the groups where you want to post or share)

3)get on to pc and paste all the collected address of the groups in  the note pad

4)open your mail and go to compose mail and copy all the content from notepad and paste in to box

5)now type your content in message box and you can add pictures too using attachment provided there

6)click on send and your are DONE

this may be some difficult(not a much) at the starting such as to collect the address.....for new bies

but remember gains are received after pains

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

name less account in face book

hello readers,today i am back with a new working face book trick
we have disccused many tricks on our blog recently about face book

face book.....

nearly 70% of young people (the tech generation) around all over the world intrested to be active on face book may be for chatting,for learning,making intractions with new people etc...

many people intrested  in  fooling their dearest buddies such as by creating a fake accounts etc...and they finally wonder their friends

here i am going to teach you about how to make a invsible /name less account in face book


 follow our steps to make it simple:

-->you just need a face book account and mozilla firefox browser

-->go to Tools --> Options --> Advanced-->> Settings
-->now go to  Manual proxy Configuration --> HTTP Proxy

-->paste this in HTTP PROXY and 8080 in port

-->click ok

-->log in to account and go to account setting

-->change the language from English (US) to Bahasa Indonesia

-->copy this code and paste in name box and remove r and m before saving 

you are done try this and share this awesome trick


Friday, 11 April 2014


this is the century of android operating system,as it reaches every part of the world.

All the android owners enjoys having an android device to be active in all social services,banking and several 

online services every user looks for his joy and comfort but never thought of its security it is hard form ages 

every advantage as its own disadvantages

 suppose you just a have bought an android and step into android world.

You have curious it but not think of its security even once.

There are two main ways in which your device get lost your important information have saved.

1.The common known way of loosing your devices is stealing

2.Isn't amazing that the most stolen object by the thieves at present  is android. The robbers may use it for their personal usage (or) for getting money(through selling it)

 So please be careful in your travellings , shoppings etc in public places

you too may be an android addictor like me as many saves their personal or business informations on their 

devices.Please remember your android may not be with you all the times as it is not a parts of our body.

All the data which is saved on your devices can be in this article i am going to teach you a few 

simple steps to be secure.

1)set your pattern lock
this is the low level step to the newbies using can use both pin code and pattern lock based on your device.note that the lock or code should not be expected devices have a built in system to display the details of the owner on screen under date

2)check the notice before installing apps on your device.many of the android owner's  skip the notice before they are installing the app from play store. it is too important to read  the notice, as android is multi apps house you should be careful during installation.
for example some apps during installation asks owner permission to read contacts in the device(which appears in the notice)
remember only  some of apps needs to read the device.

3)avoid using wi-fi in public places. every owner may bought his device by spending a good amount.then why you think of using public wi-fi which you may get free.
my advice is to avoid using public wi-fi mainly while using online banking and payment services

4)never follow the links which you visits in face book , email and many other social services....its easy to the hackers to grab your data by links

5)don't root your devices un necessaryly 

6)use encryption i.e which can lock your data belonging to any such as google accounts , saved data in moblie etc.. you cant get any data belonging to the device with out a right password if you follow this step(watch a video about it here on you tube)

7)its better step to secure your android device by installing with better anti-virus , phone location app or use a security app,one of the app here(download here)

8)don't use any other for installing apps on yur droids other than trusted stores  

you will give a better secure to your device if you follow these simple steps

spread our words with your sharings


Thursday, 10 April 2014

how to make a invsible or nameless page

Are you bored with the face book pages??
 Do you want to be unique among your friends??
 just imagine,
you are invited by your 
friend to like a page which 
 name is invisible or name 
less page.
aren't you 
wondered and surprised??
just scroll down and 
continue reading to find the 
answers face book of the good 
and useful option to the 
users where one can create 
a page of his opinion i.e 
based on business,technology,book,websites,fan pages etc. . 
.its a common 
thing now-a-days that every
user is managing a page of 
his own but only a few get 
success in managing a page 
with good number of likes 
.a good page with good 
number of likes can be 
useful for sharing our 
knowledge,experience etc 
based on the catageory of 
the page.. . .every individual 
himself wanted to be special 
by his thoughts/behaviour etc
  and some are intrested in
 learning particularly about 
technologies here in this 
tutorial i want to teach you 

about  how to make  invsible or nameless page

 just follow our steps ,its not difficult 

follow our steps:


-->first create a face book fan page by signing your account in the link given below (under the post)

-->create a page of your intrest (such as tech,fan pages, etc) 

-->copy the code which is below the post and paste it in the page name

-->click on all the terms and complete them,such as page profile etc and save the changes

-->now you are done in creating a name less face book page and start surprising your friends by by inviting them

link is here

[code] is here ,copy the code with out brackets and paste it in name 


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

save battery life of your android

Whats app,face book,we chat,line

many more messenging and attractive apps 

-need a power house to run our android devices comfortly throughout the day-this is the thought

of android owner

  • the first basic step is to know about the battary life

if a battery dies early replacing it every time is a foolish thing . .there may be a problem in

battery or android/smart phone.check it by exchanging the devices with your friends.when the

battery sucks early in the both devices(you and your friends with whom you exchange)then 


of a new battery replacing it .here are some simple steps to save your battery life

1)android/smart phone is built with the settings to know the usage of battery by all the device 

applications(you may not find in all androids)

2)all devices of android family are setted with A MOLED screen(which is a combination of tiny

colour led's)which is responsible for colour pixels 

3)as colour pixes sucks battery use a dark 

back ground as it emits black pixes ,these save a percent of battery when compared to colour 

back ground

maximum users of android devices are intrested in showing their screen beautiful with

animated wallpapers which sucks the battary a lot .my advice is to follow simplicity by setting 

the default wallpapers

4)check your device oftenly as the applications such as wi-fi,bluetooth to turn off when they are 

not in use

5)turn off gps when not in use.dont be worry to turn it off. If it is required for the apps and other 

systems it automatically turns on and starts its work

6)dont connect the device to the charger while working on it.the flow of charge into it gets 

reduced and takes a long time to get fully charged

7)run your applications(social and gaming apps)wisely such as to turn off every app when not in is better to check oftenly as you can save battary life to some extent

8)notice that using the battary till it becomes empty and still keeping it in contact with charger after it getting fully charged, effects the battary strength

some other tips:

-->turn off vibration,its help ful to health too

-->close un used apps

-->keep battery away from moist

-->set screen savers to a limit time

-->reduce your back light time

all these tips can save your battery life to some extent

share our words THANK YOU

Monday, 31 March 2014

backup in blog

Hello friends,i am back again today with a new blogging tip

blogging . . . . .

many of the readers may or may not know this term . . . .

the readers who is already a customer/family of blogging

may directly scroll to the content. .

here i intrested to explain the term blogging to the newbies

. . . . . .


started in 1999 and it is bought up by google in 2003.

its not need to read the history more than birth .blog is the

voice of

your words which makes the human family(human beings

all over the world) to be concentrate on you. 

isn't it good to

make introduce your self to the world with the words.

.secondly ,you can make the people literate now a days to


extent with your words in blog . . . . . .its not only for the 

above purposes ,google will be bank for you if you are a 


skilled blogger.its one of the geniue method in making of 

money through internet by sitting in your home . . . . .lets 

discuss the topic of tutorial .you may have listen about the

backup of face book and other social networks(which are

recently discussed on this blog too).now i came with the task

"backup of blog".its just be finished in 3 simple steps.

blogs are hosted by google under a sub domain follow our steps which makes you easy

follow the steps:

  • log in into your blog using your gmail account

  • go to dashboard of your blog

go to settings


-->heading on blog tools

-->export blog-

->download(which appears in new window)

its finished. . . .

This tutorial is helpful to you when you accidentally loose 

your posts make us more powerful with your shares/likes/comments
thank you

Sunday, 30 March 2014

hide your page adminn or manager

Face book . . . . . . .

we know that it is ruling all over the social media since

5 years.recently whats app tries to occupy the position of 

face book by defeating it,but it does not give a chance to it 

and aquintains whats app and stood as un defeatable.
  • There are types of people who uses facebook in different

ways. people who addicted to face book may have 

advantages/disadvantages.let us discuss some conditions


1)major of the people does not even read the total featuresof

face book and they didn't know anything expect chatingwith

their buddies,uploading their photo albums,updating status 

which are silly.if this type of people gets addicted to face

book they cant gain nothing expect wasting the time.if you

are one of the this kind of people my advice is to learn

something from it such as tech tricks ,tips which will be

helpful to you in forthcoming days. . . .recently we have

posted some of the unknown useful features such as


2)only a number of people uses their face book for their uses

such as acquiring knowledge of different need of a

discussion about them

*pages-every user may have an idea about it. . . .it is said

pages i.e 50-70.the largest face book page is FACE BOOK

FOR EVERY PHONE .the second type of people we

discussed above may manage pages having a good 

number of likes and posts and give their hand in knowledge

transfer. . . . . .the first type of people are the likers but 


of them dream about having a page with more number of

likes and he/she creates a page (they mainly intrested in

their fan pages)and show their intrest to maintain only for a 

few days and then they feel bored of it 

--->here i am going to teach you a page trick "how to

hide an

admin/manager in your page" so i discussed briefly



-->the tutorial is very simple no need of any codes . .the 


requirement is to have a page

follow the steps:

*create an email account using gmail and don't make it assin

to the face book 

*as you want to make your friend as manager/admin to your 

page and wants to hide him ,then he should create the email

*log in to your account

*click on pages you admin

*select the page where you want to make a invisible


*go to admin panel of the page

*click on add another admin 

*click the new email of the person whom you want to be



the email your are typing here should not be

assigned to any face book account

*click on ADD and submit your password

you are done!!!

*ask the person whom you made as admin/manager to

check his email and to conform


*share us and patispate in trasfer of knowlege

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